Card and Paper Recycling

    Recycling materials has become a top priority for many businesses and households. With Europe being a world leader for card and paper recycling with a staggering 72% of paper and card waste making its way into recycled materials, it’s important to be environmentally aware.

    Awareness of our carbon footprint and the damage we’re doing to the environment has sparked a number of recycling schemes including the Melton Business Improvement District (BID). At Melton Waste & Recycling, we’re proud to be the leading contractor for the collection and disposal of cardboard and paper and helping the environment; for every tonne of paper that we recycle, we’re saving 17 trees!

    With card capable of being recycled up to 10 times, there’s no reason why we can’t invest in our recycling and help the environment and local community. Use this card and paper recycling service to recycle all types of paper and cardboard from your home, business, factory or school.

    We offer weekly and fortnightly collections to suit your individual requirements. For more information on our card and paper recycling services, please get in touch here.

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