Clinical Waste Incineration

    Finding safe and secure ways to dispose of your clinical waste is imperative to the success of your healthcare company. Therefore, you require a company who can manage your clinical waste collection and dispose of it in a safe, yet affordable, manner.

    At Melton Waste & Recycling, we provide the ideal solution; with regular collections and the capability of incinerating your clinical waste; providing you with an easy to manage service.

    We provide our customers with the removal and safe disposal of many types of clinical waste containers. With the capability to dispose of sharp units and bags, whether contaminated or unused, we can cater to a range of business; including tattooists, piercing shops, childcare facilities, medical practices, and care homes.

    We adhere to strict safety and hygiene guidelines to ensure that your business environment is free from contamination.

    If you’re interested in our clinical waste incineration service, we have a range of options available to suit your business needs and provide you with the ideal clinical waste solution, just get in touch here to find out more.

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