Terms and Conditions

    Wheelie Bin Hire Terms and Conditions

    Melton Waste & Recycling Ltd herein after called ‘the company’ hires to the customer the Wheelie Bin herein described on the following terms accepted by the customer:

    1.0 Customer Obligations
    1.1 The Wheelie Bin will be made accessible on the designated day for collection, with the lid fully closed.
    1.2 The Wheelie Bin will not be used for any other purpose than for waste materials, excluding car parts, steel, hard fill (dirt/sand, concrete, rocks, stones, bricks), liquids/oils, hot ashes, dead animals, hazardous goods including but not limited to flammable or explosive products, or any other items deemed by the owner that may cause damage to compacting mechanisms.
    1.3 The Wheelie Bin is maintained in a neat, clean and tidy condition and shall remain in the customer’s possession and be stored securely at their premises.
    1.4 Should the customer wish to pay their account by instalment this is to be done by credit card only.
    1.5 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that notice of termination, updates or changes to contact details, bank details and billing address details are communicated to the company.
    1.6 The Customer will not pledge the Wheelie Bin in any way or cause in lien or charge or other type of security interest to be created in respect of the Wheelie Bin.
    1.7 The customer acknowledges that the company may, at any time during the term of this agreement, enter upon the property of the customer for the purposes of depositing, inspecting, exchanging or repossessing the bin.
    2.0 Wheelie Bin
    2.1 The Wheelie Bin remains at all times the exclusive property of the company. The customer obtains possession by way of bailment only and does not acquire any proprietary interest in the Wheelie Bin.
    2.2 Liability for damage or loss (whether to the company or to third parties) caused by the Wheelie Bin or the customer’s use of the Wheelie Bin will be borne solely by the customer.
    2.3 The customer absolves the company of any damages arising from any incidents involving the Wheelie Bin.
    3.0 Terms and Renewal
    3.1 This agreement commences on the date that the customer signs up for a Wheelie Bin service, for the contracted term of one year from the date of commencement.
    3.2 Once the contracted term ends, the agreement becomes a month to month rolling agreement unless notified by either party under clause 5.1 or 6.1.
    4.0 Price and Payment
    4.1 The customer will pay to the company:
    4.1.1 The Wheelie Bin hire charges as agreed at time of sign up or renewal for the contracted period within 30 days from the date of invoice.
    4.1.2 Any charges for additional services requested
    4.1.3 Any overdue time charges as above.
    4.1.4 Costs of damage to or loss of the Wheelie Bin occurring after delivery to the customer and up to the time of return to the company.
    4.2 The company reserves the right to alter rates and charges at any time during the term of this agreement. The company shall give the customer 30 days’ written notice of any such price increase.
    4.3 The prices stated in this agreement are based on the waste collection address at the time of sign up. The company reserves the right to vary the price if the collections address changes.
    4.4 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that funds are available at the nominated bank for accounts settled by Cheque. The company is not liable for any fees incurred for insufficient funds.
    4.5 The customer acknowledges that the charges set out in this agreement will be payable irrespective of whether the services will not be required by the customer for any period during the contracted period, or whether the customer does not put the Wheelie Bin out for collection for any period.
    5.0 Default
    5.1 Where the customer fails to pay the agreed hire charges or any other charges incurred, or if there are insufficient funds in the customer’s nominated bank account for accounts settled by Cheque, the customer is in breach of any obligations under this agreement the company reserves the right to:
    5.1.1 Suspend services until such time as the customer has remedied the breach or paid all outstanding amounts.
    5.1.2 Terminate this agreement immediately and retrieve the Wheelie Bin.
    5.1.3 Charge interest under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998
    5.2 The termination of this agreement by the company does not absolve the customer of liability to pay all amounts due or outstanding under this agreement.
    5.3 The customer will be liable for any costs incurred in collecting any outstanding charges to the customer’s account.
    6.0 Termination by the Customer
    6.1 The agreement may be terminated by the customer by giving 30 days’ written notice after the contract end date.
    6.2 An early termination fee of £30.00 will apply where the agreement is being terminated within the contracted term, or where 30 days’ notice is not provided.
    6.3 The customer is not entitled to any refund of any unused portion of the agreement.

    These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Updated 29 April 2017


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